MANAMEY DHANAM (Mind – A Real Treasure)

Spiritual Calendar for the Shobakruth Year (2023-24)

Thiru and Thirumagal Nadhan – Thayar and Perumal – reside within each one of us, making our hearts their holy abodes. Our mind is the single differentiator between us, human beings, and other life forms. The mind is invisible, yet, without the mind’s co-operation, we cannot experience Shanthi in this world, and attain Mukthi in this birth.


Many awe-inspiring facts about this subtle element called mind, are discussed in great length and detail, in our Shastras. The Shobakruth Calendar assimilates these interesting narratives and presents them to you. These explanations will help remove expressions of the mind like fear, worry, nervousness, envy, and help establish joy, humility, contentment and equanimity.